working with energy work myself, I was amazed at the subtle blending of the healing stones.  Michelle has an eye and knowledge to blend the perfect stones together to assist with various needs.  I highly recommend getting in touch with her for a custom piece!- Melissa G

I found michelle at a farmers market up north (not selling anything) we chatted, I learned about her craft and found her page on facebook, ordered a couple beaded 'wraps', my daughter and I absolutely love them, cannot wait to see more - anna c

Recently purchased some custom bracelets from michelle...her attention to detail and blending of the stones was remarkable. looking forward to new purchases very soon -d.brown

"I'm truly amazed on the benefits I receive after each Indian Head Massage Michelle gives me. Michelle can always find my trouble areas and work 
 them out. The benefits start with a great night sleep and then continue for days. I have been receiving Indian Head Massages from Michelle for over 5 and a half years now and I  will never stop going. One way to balance ones self."
-Lynda H

"Michelle has been a huge help with her Indian Head  massages. I suffer from chronic headaches/migraines.  After hesitation about IHM, I reluctantly agreed to a session. much to my surprise I had an amazing experience, the tightness in my neck was relieved and my headache went away, let alone the calmness that overcame me.  I left my first session feeling wonderful. That was over a year ago.  Over the past year I have been with semi-regular visits, I have noticed a decrease in the frequency of my headaches, the muscles in my neck are not as tight as they once were and I feel great"
- Pat R

"Michelle has the ability to locate specific areas in which cause me pain.  During my Reiki sessions, I feel a clear sense of peace and I am able to release stress and negative emotions.  After my treatments I feel very balanced, clear headed and relaxed enabling me to keep focuses and in tune with my surroundings.  Since I've discovered the benefits of Reiki first hand, I believe it to be a true healing experience unlike painkillers and other treatments which just mask the problems"
-Shell I

"Michelle is amazing at finding sources of pain and dissipating them thru the touch of Reiki.  After being in a car accident a few years ago, I was left with chronic knee and lower back pain. During my Reiki sessions with Michelle, I feel this pain being 'released' while being surrounded with a bubble of soothing calmness.  Pure bliss"
-John R

"After having continuous issues with wax in my ears, I opted to try an ear candling session with Michelle. I was surprised that this technique could be so relaxing and beneficial at the same time.  not only did it relieve my wax buildup so I could hear normally again, I also found the session very calming and relaxing."
-Susan T

" Working in a factory leaves me prone to wax build up.  After my last visit with  the Dr. to get my ears flushed, I decided to try ear candling as an alternative means.  I was quite shocked at how well it works.  Much more calming and works just as well as the water flush.  Michelle provides a calm and safe environment while practicing this ancient technique. I always look forward to these beneficial sessions with her."