Healing Feathers

 Feathers are our connection to the “air” forces; air being among the four elements. The remaining 3 elements are water, fire, and earth. A healer may incorporate the utilization of feathers in assorted ways. The feather is valuable in cleaning auras. The healer might breathe through the feather during a toning session. Chanting sounds through a feather on client’s body may evoke a potent healing.

The 4 basic elements (occasionally called “temperaments”) are air, earth, fire, and water. Comprehending what every element represents helps us assess where our individual strengths and weaknesses are.

Healers have discovered that centering on the elements may often be helpful when looking for what class of treatments would best address our troubles.

* Air exemplifies intellect, mental intent, and association to universal life force.
* Earth exemplifies grounding, basis of life, substance, association to life path, and family bases.
* Fire constitutes power, tool for transformation, association to personal energy, and inner force.
* Water constitutes emotional release, hunch, and interior reflection

These are just a select few pieces of Michelle's Beaded Artwork. Michelle custom designs Healing/Smudging Feathers for her clients, incorporating qualities of different feathers (goose, duck, hawk, turkey, owl, etc) of colours, semi precious stones, patterns and numbers.

Cost for a Healing/Smudging Feather is dependent upon design and beading type. Fair Exchange

begins at $35


If you are interested in purchasing any of Michelle's Artwork, send her a message via the Contact page on this website.