New (er) Beginnings

Posted by Michelle Hillman on Monday, April 18, 2022
Hope you are all well. as I sit here reflecting on the past couple years, one thing remains the same. My grateful heart. The support I have received from people while I dip back  into my world of creativity is heartwarming to say the least. I am truly grateful and blessed for each and every one of you and all the support you have given me and Spirited Earth.
 I have many new things in the works for the upcoming year as I ease out of what I call 'hibernation' from covid days. Aside from a new intention setting (wrist mala style) collection, some new leather wrap ideas, the introduction of cuff styles and a handful of new beaded tapestry pieces, my studio is a flurry of activity. Add on to that, the wonderful adventure of Artisan Market hosting (Meraki Artisan Market and the Very artisan Christmas) and my ever learning of online presence  (pronounced... patience lol) and I am definitely with no idle hands or mind. Please bear with me as I learn the art of presence online. I will (with helping hands) launch an online store in the coming weeks, while honing some non existent photography skills. #goodthingsintheworks !