Posted by Michelle Kohout on Wednesday, August 31, 2016
hey everyone, so the past lil bit I have found myself creating more and more body d├ęcor....loving it. a few shows coming up. there is no better feeling then seeing someone wearing something I created/blended. I have been posting my stuff on facebook (SpiritedEarthDesigns) and have an esty account in the beginning stages. I will be working on getting things on this site as well. you can connect with me any place if you see something you love or want to send me some feedback. this is a time consuming process as I'm still learning all the technical jazz so please be patient with me. :D hope everyone is happy healthy and well. again another summer is winding down to an end. today my husband and I see off another young one to school...its a very mixed emotion kinda thing...although mostly just proud! anyways love love